Marine Prop Shafts

Kytech aims to be your marine driveline specialist.

Precision, dependability and quick turn around is how Kytech has built their business. Kytech is trusted to produce key components for the aerospace industry, now you can trust Kytech to get your boating customers back in the water where they want to be.

Kytech propeller shafts are made from Western Branch Metals “Aqualoy”, in stock shafting, known for its’ strength and durability. All shafting is straightened to be sure of a vibration free boat.  Shafts are machined to SAE specification J755, which includes radiused keyways to eliminate stress points. Stainless steel nuts, keys, and cotter pins are supplied with each new shaft at no additional charge.

Kytech also manufactures clamping couplings from steel – not cast iron. Taper bore couplings are also available to fit any transmission including v-drives.

Kytech has the capability to straighten shafts up to 3″, as well as repost rudders, and straighten struts.  We can also inspect shafts and couplings for wear or runout that may cause vibrations.